Brothers visit


Seems ages since my brother was here and actually it is!!! LOL, time once again has flown on and left me standing!

Gavin’s visit was great fun. He arrived Friday afternoon about 5pm, we then went to The Range to check the prices on some art equipment he wanted. Had dinner at home and I had made cookies and a cheesecake for him. The cookies were lovely, the cheesecake however did not turn out as expected! HMMMM!

Saturday, and Si went to his golf lesson so Gavin and I hit the shops! First stop was a craft shop in Felixstowe that had a sale on as it was closing down. He got such a great bargain there! This lovely oil paints set for £14.99 which easily should of been £35+ but because they could not find the price sold it for that! He got some other stuff as well, and I succumbed to some cotton yarn for my dishclothes!

Next stop was a bicycle shop as he wanted to buy one! So we went to this great shop near where I live, that sold him the most amazing bike. Great price and best of all if was right for his height, he is 6ft 4″! So he was well chuffed again!

Then home for a spot of lunch, catch up with hubbie, before hitting Debenhams! Where again he shopped on sale and got some great tea etc wooden cannisters for £5 each!

It was then back home for afternoon tea and cake and a bit of rest, then we went to prezzo in Woodbridge for dinner!

Sunday was the Hollyoaks football, and they got thrashed something like 14 – 3 it was humiliating for them! But good to see TV personalities.

Gavin left Sunday afternoon about 5pm, all shopped out! And returned home for some rest and credit card relaxation!

What a great time!


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