3rd day since….


joining stashlong on my the knitting forum I am a member of!

Stash = knitting yarn

The idea behind it is that you don’t buy any stash for a set length of time, during which you have to use what you have! The only knitting related thing you can buy is either pattern or equipment, that will help to use the yarn!

Although I don’t have huge amounts of stash, I am starting to expand it, and thought lets nip it in the bud now, and this seemed to be the perfect way to do it. How I long I will last, is anyones guess! However so far so good, but it is only 3 days in!

In other news, went to knitting club last night, and the pub we go to had a Mexican evening, and it was great! The food was just gorgeous and the knitting wasn’t too bad either!

I was in Peterborough Wed and Thurs as my aunt from Australia was over visiting. It was lovely to see her again.

So bank holiday weekend, plans? Nothing really, chilling out, knitting, reading the usual!

Will update with some pictures later!


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