Happy Birthday to me!


Well today is my 33rd birthday, WOW!! I certainly don’t feel that old, but hey ho I am! So what has my day been like…..

It started with my wonderful husband making me breakfast in bed, and giving me some wonderful presents :

So what is the bag???? The wool winder is a given! In the cream bag were :-

I did choose them myself, but I love them! My parents and brother then came from P’boro to spend the day with me, and we met Si’s parents at a local pub for lunch. The meal was fantastic, such great food. We then came back to ours for coffee and more presents!

Yes those are Denise needles!! Yippeeee as well as a book, gift vouchers wine, and some great new headphones for my Ipod as well as a connector to use my Ipod in the car! Fantastic! So rather spoilt!

I have tried out the wool winder already, with some success and some great knots but that is joy of learning!

It is great fun, but I do think a yarn swift will be on Christmas list if I can hold off that long! Also bought my self some yarn as a birthday present!So the rest of my day will be spent sorting out my stash and yarn and getting my knitting bag sorted and then it will knit, knit, knit with a glass of wine! Bliss!


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