Knitting update………


Here at last is a picture of my forest canopy shawl. I have frogged a few rows but it is looking good. I am enjoying knitting it, but I don’t seem to get loads done, so going to work on it this weekend, hopefully!

STASH!!!!!! Here is my sock starter kit!
I managed to cast on last night at SnB and here is the work so far!

Only 2 rows in!

So what have I been upto? Well knitting wise, I am onto the sleeves for my babies jacket, having just done the collar. That is going well, it is so easy to stitch that I can pick up as and when!

FC shawl, is taking its time. I lost concentration when doing it and had to frog it, not good, but it is fine now, thank goodness for lifelines!

Socks, well I have bit the bullet and am now attempting socks. Found the cast on a bit tricky, but thanks to help at my SnB got that done! Now I will work away and see how it goes!

In other things in my life, I think I may have hit my post wedding blues this week! Feeling really low, and that I missing something, do hope it passes!

But other than that all is well. I am suffering with terrible headaches at the moment. Had a migraine last weekend and have had a headache ever since! Off to see DR hope he can help!

Other than that things are going well! Will update knitting again soon!


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  1. Hey Shazza, thanks for the invite 😀 Am going to post later!
    Maybe you have the blues, becausee there was all the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon, and now it’s suddenly all over.
    Hope you get your headaches sorted too *hugs*

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