March 24th!


Apologies for the long delay in posting! Work is manic at present, and whilst it is great as it is our own business, it could not have happened at a worse time! The wedding is just 3 weeks away, and I can not believe it!

So wedding update :-

16th Mar saw Si and I have our Stag and Hen parties. Mine was very tame and was held at All Fired Up, where you can go and paint ceramics. Right up my street really! It was good fun and I had a lovely time. Si went 4×4’ing, quad biking and driving dirt carts!!! Again they all had fun which was good.

The men are all measured now and clothing all sorted. Bridesmaids all sorted, we have a final fitting on Saturday 31st Mar. My mom is now having an outfit made and she to is having a fitting on the 31st.

My dress is in having some slight alterations! So chuffed I still fitted into it, which was a huge relief, but I am going to try and lose a few pounds, but not many!

The favours are all bought and made now, the order of service, menus and thank you cards are being printed. So we are pretty much there!

Roll on 14th April!!!!

Craft news – Mom and I went to Stitch ‘n Craft today at Olympia and have to say what a disappointment! We are not going to go for a few years now as it just seems to be getting worse! Instead we are going to go to Knitting and Stitching at Alexandra Palace in Oct/Nov.

My shawl I am making is coming on really well and I must really post a piccie! Not to self, do it tomorrow!

That is all I have been doing really, work, work work!

Sorry so boring!


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  1. I was thinking of going to the Olympia show – hubby was going to take me for my birthday, sounds like i didn’t miss much? Good luck with the wedding and – best piece of advice I got on my wedding day a few years ago. At least once during the day, stop talking to people, step back quietly and look around you at everyone else and take a mental picture. Otherwise its gone in a blink and you will be struggling to remember that everyone really had a brilliant time.
    Enjoy! And post us some piccies of the big day

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