Everything is coming together……..


I am now starting to feel like everything for the wedding is coming together and almost looking for what needs to be done next, rather than instinctively knowing! Which maybe is a good thing, only time will tell!

My week was good. I was in Peterborough on Wednesday for meetings, which all went well, and of course it was great to see family again!

Thursday was my knitting group and we had a meal before the group started at the pub as they had an Indian night. The food was excellent and the company was even better. I had a great time, and although there were only about 8 people at the club it was still a great evening. Got to work a bit more on my babies hat that is coming on nicely at the moment. Will have to post a piccie when I take one!

Friday, we collected the bridesmaids hair pieces and jewellery, and I am so chuffed with them both. Got to spend some time with my SIL and my nephew, which was great. My little nephew is growing up so fast and such a little chatter box it is wonderful to watch. He know says our names and asked questions etc, and it really makes me feel kinda special when he asks for me!

Saturday was the big day, of hair trials and bridesmaids trying on dresses! Both were a great success. The dresses are gorgeous and the colour is wonderful. I will post piccies when the final fitting is done so you can all see! The hair trials also went well and their hair pieces worked really well, so was well chuffed with that. I am off this Saturday for my hair trial as I did not want them to see my hair, veil or tiara. Gotta keep somethings a surprise! We also managed to buy all our shoes, which was great as I thought I was really going to struggle, but it was pretty painless. So good day after all!

Today we are off to add more items to our wedding list, and this afternoon is chill out knitting time!

Will try and post piccies later today of various things!


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