Week commencing 22nd Jan update!


My week has been hectic, but great! As much as I am stressed I am enjoying myself! So here is my weekly update!

Mon 22/1 – was due to go to Knitting Group in the evening but due to bad weather and Si being in London decided to stay home and relax! Did get to gym at 730am though for an hour with personal trainer!

Tues 23/1 – tried to sort out my beauty treatments for the wedding. Isn’t it just annoying that when you mention wedding people up their prices? It is even worse when they do it right under your nose! Needless to say the beautician has not won the right to do my wedding day makeup and I am back looking for someone else! Also went and saw the photographer in the evening. Very productive meeting and really glad we saw him! Chose our package and that is now all sorted and ready to go. Just one more meeting with him in April and we are set!

Wed 24/1 – Ordered the wedding jewellery for bridesmaids in the evening. Took my SIL 2b with me and had a great time. Also got to see my nephew who is just adorable and starting to chat more and more each time I see him! Great evening with future family!

Thur 25/1 – I was in Peterborough sorting out Mom’s outfit for the wedding. Which we managed to do and she is going to look great! I am so proud of her! She will be in cream and chocolate and it really looks good on her, best of all she will be comfortable and that is the main thing! So productive day! Also booked my hen party, we are off to All Fired Up to paint ceramics! Just up my street!

Fri 26/1 – Went to gym at 730am, another session with PT! Quiet day, not much wedding stuff done! Had my nails done again, am really liking them with gel overlays!

Sat 27/1 – What a great day we had today! The vicar who is marrying us came and saw us this morning to discuss the service etc and she is lovely! So that was good, cleared alot of questions for us, which is great! We then went into town and had lunch and then off to football to watch Ipswich v Swansea! Great time, really enjoyed it, made better because we wonb! Just been a really nice day! I did go to gym at 0750am which I am very proud of for a Saturday, but eating not so good today!

Tomorrow, Sunday and we are off for lunch at our reception venue to try out some dishes to decide on our meal for the wedding! Looking forward to that, as we are taking Si’s parents with us and I have pre-booked everything, so should be good! We are also off to visit our bestman and his family, so I will be getting baby cuddles tomorrow as well, always a bonus! I must also wash my car in the morning! So much to do!

So that is my week. Not done much craft stuff this week but fitting it in when I can!

Next week is looking a bit busy as well. Off to Peterborough again on Wednesday for some meetings and going out for an Indian meal with my knitting group on Thursday, which should be good fun! But the best thing next week………………………..

Saturday is the day we have our hair trial and the bridesmaids get to try on their dresses! So look back next Sunday to see how it all went!


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