Wedding Update


Well we are just 3 months and 2 days away from the big day and I can not believe it!

Going on leave in Dec was wonderful, however I have lost about a month of planning time!

So the update so far :

Invites – got posted 2nd Jan, a little early for an April wedding I know but due to accommodation restrictions had no choice! All seem to be well received and liked, which is good, as my brother did the artwork! So RSVP’s are coming in slowly!

Men’s outfits – we are still to finalise the men’s outfits for the wedding, this is worrying me as we are getting close! So we have an appointment for next Saturday to hopefully get it sorted!

Bridesmaids outfits – the chief bridesmaid outfit should hopefully arrive this month and the the other 2 outfits are being made this month, so that is all go!

Everything seems to coming on well! I have my first dress fitting in March so am frantically trying to lose just a stone before then! Buff Brides gym program starts Monday!

I have started my beauty regime for lovely glowing skin and also a tanning session as I need to keep my tan from hols, topped up!

So things are going well, roll on April!


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