Back from vacation


After 3 and a half weeks of travelling, we finally arrived back in the UK on Wed 10th Jan.

Our itinerary, went something like this :-

17th Dec depart London for Hong Kong
18th – 21st Dec Hong Kong
21st Dec departed Hong Kong for Sydney
22nd – 29th Dec Sydney
29th Dec left Sydney for Cairns
29th – 2nd Jan Cairns
2nd Jan left Cairns for Perth
2nd – 6th Jan Perth
6th Jan – 9th Jan Bali
9th Jan left Bali for London, arriving home on the 10th Jan.

So I will summarise what we did, because to post each day will take me forever!

Hong Kong, was incredible. Never in my life have I visited such a clean and well run in terms of transport etc country. We did a city tour whilst there and it was just amazing. The time we spent was enough and a good stopover on our way to Australia.

Sydney – incredible place. We stayed in Darling Harbour and it was great. We climbed the Harbour Bridge, went to the Blue Mountains, had Christmas lunch at a great restaurant, ate out loads, and did a few ferry trips. Weather was good, but not fantastic, it rained a few times but nothing major! We also did Sydney Tower which was gave us a great view of the city.

Cairns – totally different to Sydney but lovely still. Very hot! We spent New Year there and saw a great firework display on New Years Eve! We did a boat trip one day out the the Great Barrier Reef and got to go snorkeling which was just amazing!

Perth – was mainly a family visit for me as I had family and friends there that I needed to see. So each day was spent seeing friends and family but had a great time, really enjoyed it, but I do prefer Sydney as a city.

Bali – was great, in terms of our hotel, but we never left it from the time we arrived. There was so much to do there that there was just no need to travel round, plus did not feel too safe to go travelling as the tours were not as we know tours in groups. But great time there as well!

Back home now to wedding planning, work and life! But it is good to be back!


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