Wedding planning update!


Not sure I have ever done a wedding planning update, so thought I would do one now!

All major things are booked, which is great, we are now only doing the smaller details, but still rather important!

The stationery is being constructed as I type! It is going to look so cool, can’t wait! My brother did the artwork for it and it is excellent! Should be collecting it on the 24th Nov, and then have put it all together, ready for posting the first week of Jan. Have to have that done before we go away so I can leave them with my parents to post!

Was meant to being having a hair trial on the 25th Nov and my hairdresser just rang to say they can’t do my hair on the day of our wedding! I am furious, as I had booked him last June and spoke with him in Oct and everything was fine. Then today I get the call saying no sorry, no can do! Needless to say I was not polite about it!

I am so mad! I have been going to the same hairdresser since 1999, and he cut my hair in June short knowing about the wedding! So to be told today he can’t do it has really upset me! I will never step foot in his salon again!

So I am trying to find a new hairdresser! Have a trim booked for 25th Nov, so will see how it goes!

Busy filling out the wedding gift cards at the moment as well! That is so time consuming!

Not sure what else I can do at the moment with the wedding, as most things are already done! I do know that Jan will be all systems go and very manic!

So that is my update so far!


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  1. What a pain about the hairdresser. Sorry I still haven’t answered your email, but hope that things are going a bit more smoothly than they were and that you find a new hairdresser soon. And I hope the invitations turn out the way you want them to.

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