Car trouble


Monday 6th Nov, took Si to the train station in the morning, as he was off to London again for the week. I decided that I would take my car to the garage as the ignition has been playing up and the previous week I was almost stranded!

Anyway, whilst I was at VW getting my ingnition sorted I got them to check my gearbox as well as it has been making a noise recently. Not badly but enough that you notice.

So I left my car on the understanding it would be delivered back to me on Tuesday. What I did not realise was it would be the last time I got to drive my car!

The gearbox was declared dead on Tuesday and I was advised to go and talk to the engineer on Wednesday.

So off I toodle to have the talk, to discover that my gearbox was totally gone and replace it would cost £1300!!! More than what the car is worth! It is an S Reg POLO.

Decision time, replace the gearbox or buy a new car…………I test drove a new Polo and went home to deliberate over numbers!


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