Stash Enriched eXperience (S.E.X)


Here is my next lot of yarn for my second scarf!Purchased from Laughing Hens, the lady was so helpful, thank you!

She recommended the yarn, the needles and the size needed. As I wanted to try crochet as well, she also recommended the yarn and hook for that! So it arrived Saturday morning, all packaged lovely. The thing I love about getting parcels from Laughing Hen, they have the normal outside envelope and then inside each item is wrapped in tissue paper, hence the yellow background. It is almost like pass the parcel when it arrives, love it!

The magazines were from Dream Yarns and a great read, love that magazine! Must arrange a subscription!

So the purple, pink and red yarns are for my second scarf, each colour will be a different type of stitch so I can learn, and the second ball of purple is for me to try and crochet!

Looking forward to starting now, but I musn’t till I have finished my current cream scarf which is coming along great!

Check back for updates!


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