Tiara making course…….


As I remember my course on Saturday in order to type about it, one word comes to mind to describe it! OUCH!!!! My fingers were bleeding by the end of the day!

So tiara making, not something I may do on a regular basis! The course was great and I had a wonderful time, but sometimes in life you realise you can’t always do what you learn! Or at least it is a challenge to do!

I undid my tiara 2 times and still could not find a design I liked. So let me start at the beginning and explain my day.

The course was in Bury St Edmunds which was about 50mins drive from me, so no lie in on Saturday! It started with us going over the tools and materials needed, the different types of wires and beads etc. We then moved onto design and construction. The tiara is made with a metal base and wire and involves loads of twisting and shaping.

So my problem is that the twisting alters all the time, because each time you put a new piece on it moves and so you have to try and reshape all the time. So for me it is a control issue and I think if I used stronger wire that did not flex as much and had more strength to it I would get on better with it.

I am still aiming to make my bridesmaids tiaras, but I want a more structured, sturdy design. If it does not work then I will buy them but I will be annoyed if I don’t give it another go first!

Also, because there were no drinking facilities at the college I got very dehydrated and ended up with a really bad migraine which did not help when you are trying to learn stuff, so I will give it another go and fingers crossed I can master it!

Even thought I have struggled with the design I would recommend the course as it is a good skill to have!


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