After my trip to the Knitting and Stitching show I came home and decided that actually I would like to try knitting again. Madness as I went to the show and never bought a thing, when I could of done!

So I bought a kit online for a scarf, and have been knitting away at it. When I was down in Peterborough I borrowed some yarn and needles from my mom to just get used to casting on and knitting again, which was fine. My kit arrived on Thurs (19th) and I have not been able to put it down! Terrible as I am meant to be cross stitching but there you go.

I bought some great knitting magazines and have joint some fantastic online communities and downloaded some great American and UK podcasts. So I am getting well into it.

My scarf is on its second ball of wool, and I am about to buy some more wool to start number 2. But on the second scarf I want to mix colours and each colour block to be different type of stitch to learn! It may look horrific but it will be my learning piece.

So why the urge to knit? Well I like all crafts and as I am going away in Dec I thought what craft can I take with me to do? Beading and cross stitch not really appropriate, but knitting I can chuck in my bag and off I go. I also thought if I could learn to crochet then I could take that.

Crochet, is like a rude word to me, I just can not get it, but I think it is because I am left handed and my Mom is right and so teaching me was impossible, but I will learn, I am determined!

I am off to join a knitting group on Thursday night and can’t wait, it should be great fun. I am hoping I can find someone to teach me crochet and also about my tension, and being able to read a pattern and shaping of pieces. Then I can start to make jumpers etc.My next knitting projects are, my second scarf, some bags then hopefully a jumper.

So watch this space for my knitting creations!


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