My week so far!


This week has been manic, and I could do with a rest!Sunday, Si and I decided to have a quiet day, but alas it never happens when you want it! We ended up with visitors which was great, it is always lovely to see people, especially when I get baby cuddles out of it! We then went visiting until early evening, and then we both had to pack as we were both working away this week.

Monday and I dropped Si off at the station as he was off to London for the week for work, and I drove to Peterborough to help in the office and also for some meetings!

Tuesday was meetings and work as normal, I have learnt how to run our embroidery machines which was great fun! Tuesday night and my family and I went out for a lovely Chinese meal, it was great, just like old times! When we lived in Zimbabwe, every Saturday night we went out for dinner as a family for Chinese, just to catch up and spend some time together. We did it every week from the time I was about 14yrs till I left at the age of 24. Amazing how you remember things!

Wednesday was manic. I had a meeting in Biggleswade, so my brother I decided to go to the meeting together but also do all our work deliveries as well, so left the office at about 930am and only got back at 2pm but it was a very successful meeting and the deliveries went great.

Then in the afternoon we went and sorted out my wedding invites, and that was great, got that all ordered and waiting for the samples to come through. Another tick on the wedding planning schedule.

The picture my brother did for my invites is gorgeous and is going to look so fantastic! He is just a fantastic artist!

Drove back to Ipswich, Wednesday night, only getting home at about 730pm and worked till 1130pm! Mad, but had to be done!

Thursday will be in a separate post as that was a great day!


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