Knitting and Stitching Show – Ally Pally 14th Oct


Saturday 14th Oct and I headed off to London on my own for the Knitting and Stitching Show. I had planned my trip and everything and was really looking forward to my day out.

Everything went fine, getting down, but got the Kings Cross Underground and the Piccadilly Line was not working so had to navigate myself round a different route which was fine, but I did have to encounter a few football fans on the way. Got to Ally Pally at about 1230pm ready for my show!

First stop, lunch! Yes I walked in the door and headed straight for the food section, figured I would rather have something to eat first than get half way round and need to eat, this way I could start my viewing on a fully stomach!

There seemed to be about the same amount of stands as previous years and it was heaving. Plus to make matters worse, they never opened any windows or had any air circulating so it was boiling in the hall!

I managed to join the Beadworkers Guild which I had wanted to do, so really chuffed about that. Walked round all the stalls, just looking at everything. I only bought 2 strings of crystals for my tiara course this weekend, and nothing else. So proud of myself!

There was so much knitting stuff, and so I have decided to start knitting again and this time actually get further than a scarf, although that is what I have started with. There was just such gorgeous wools etc there and I was so jealous not being able to buy it because what would I use it for, so I decided new craft to be learnt!

I left the show at about 3.30pm and got back home at 7pm! It took hours to get home!

But I had a great day out, and since going I have started a scarf, in the hope I can progress my knitting skills, so rather happy with myself. I may be knitting a few scarves just to learn different stitches! Good for winter!!!


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