Over a week since my last post!


I can not believe it has been over a week since my last post! Where does the time go? So what have I been upto…….

Went to The Bead Merchant in Colchester on Saturday, that was great fun, as they only open once a month and so I decided to go and have a look. I was really proud of myself as I found it etc and had no problems. I also went to a shop called Pandorion in Colchester and that was a great little find as well. So many bead shops I am coming across it is great. Never really bought too much but had a great day anyhow!

Sunday 8th and I decided to drive to Harrow, some 95miles from me to attend the Annual Bead Fair. It took me about 2hrs 15mins to get there and the drive was fine, but finding parking was a nightmare. 40mins to find a space! The show was great, once again I was armed with my shopping list and prices so I knew if it was cheaper or not! Needless to say not all of it was! I joint the Beady Society whilst I was there, and had a great time walking round looking at everything. Saw lovely crystals I can use for the wedding! Also had a demonstration by a lady that was making polymer clay beads, that was so interesting! One day I may have to try my hand!

Travelled from the fair to my parents, to spend Mon and Tues in the office helping out.

Wednesday 11th and the florist came to finalise the flowers for the wedding. That went really well, managed to get everything I wanted and am well chuffed! So flowers all done!

Tomorrow (Sat) I am off to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally and can’t wait. I believe there are loads of bead shops going to be there, so I am prepared to shop loads! I want to look at beads, wedding stuff, knitting and a bit of cross stitch! Can’t wait.

Sunday we are off to another wedding fair in the local area, whcih should be good.

Then Mon – Wed I am back in Peterborough for work, have various meetings I need to attend. OH is in London all week!!!

Thursday is my bead weaving course and I can’t wait, so excited! Sat 21st I do a tiara making course and then it is quiet for a while!

So things are starting to get manic, but I am so enjoying it all right now!

Check back for updates!


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