I’ve been tagged………….


Thank you!

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Sales Director
2. Training Administrator
3. Pensions Accountant
4. Receptionist

Four movies I could watch over and over :
1. Dirty Dancing
2. My Best Friends Wedding
3. Pretty Woman
4. Cruel Intentions

Fours places I have lived :
1. Ipswich, England
2. Peterborough, England
3. Harare, Zimbabwe
4. Manzini, Swaziland

Four TV shows that I love to watch :
1. Hollyoaks (how sad!)
2. Friends
3. Reality shows
4. Wedding / baby shows

Four places I’ve been on vacation :
1. New York
2. Slovenia
3. Sorrento
4. Paris

Four websites I visit regularly :
1. UK Scrappers
2. Aion Needlecraft
3. Sky News
4. Ebay

Four of my favourite foods :
1. Macaroni cheese
2. Cheesy chicken (home made recipe)
3. Banana sandwich (bread must be toasted though)
4. Matzos with marmite

Four things that make me smile :
1. my finace (corny I know but true!)
2. shopping for stash both scrapping and cross stitch
3. meeting new people
4. spending time with family

There done it, what great fun this was!

Now I tag Christine!


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