Relaxing weekend………….


Well we are half way through August already. Can’t believe we have just 3 months till our holiday and 7 months to our wedding!

The weekend has been really quiet, not done too much which has been great, really needed to chill out!

Things are going well. We are going to Centre Parcs on the 25th for Bank Holiday weekend, really looking forward to that.

I need to start bridesmaid shopping again, as we now have 3 bridesmaids, so I have seen some dresses I like, now need to get everyone to try them on!

Scrapbooking is going well, I am probably doing more of that than cross stitch at the moment! Although I did pick up a needle tonight for the first time in ages!

Ally Pally, there seems to be a Craft show there in Sept which I am seriously considering going to!

Not much else to say at this point. I started counting calories for weight loss which seems to be working better than any diet I have tired so far! Long may it continue!

Good night!


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