Been ages since last post


Well it has been ages since I last posted and for that I apologise! So what have I been upto……………

20th – 24th July, Si and I went to Lake Windermere for a long weekend. It was fantastic, we had great weather and the B&B where we stayed was just lovely. We did quite a bit of sight seeing as well as chilling out. I got to see alot of craft shops which was great, and that has spured me on to do some more scrapbooking! So that was a lovely break.

I am going to my first crop (scrapbooking) in ages on the 12th Aug, am really looking forward to it as I have wanted to join this crop for ages and never been able to get in and now a space has become free and it is mine! So that is a all day thing and I am really looking forward to it!

I have been told that I am no longer to horse ride anymore, which I am gutted about as I loved it. But due to my last fall, my neck is very weak and if I have another nasty fall, who knows the outcome so rather be safe than sorry. I guess!!!!

So I had a squash lesson instead on Friday, which was great fun, really enjoyed it and a wonderful workout!

Last weekend was manic, I decided I wanted to buy a writing bureau and they are so expensive, anyway I found one in the paper for £50! Bargain!!! So I bought it and spent the weekend sorting out my office/study and it is looking really good now! I was very sore on Sunday and Monday!

We have Si’s sisters wedding this weekend which should be great. We have the pre wedding dinner tomorrow and then the big day on Saturday. I got the framed sampler back yesterday and will post a picture on here later. It looks lovely!

Not sure what else has happened since I last posted, so will end off here and will add pictures later of my bureau and cross stitches!

Take care



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