Gone even shorter!


Well I have done it, and gone even shorter! Yes my once waist length hair is now short and I love it!!!!

I think it suits me so much better than my long hair! Takes a bit of getting used to as it is a bit more work, but I am enjoying it. It is so much lighter to carry, and cooler and I have not had any headaches since cutting it, which is great!

I have not posted for a while, as I have been away with work and when I have been home have just been really busy!

Not really stitched much over the last 12 or so days. We are off to the Lake District on Thursday for a long weekend, really looking forward to that, as we need the break, have not been away since Sorrento in August last year!

I am currently stitching Agapanthus, but like I said have not done too much of it. I want to finish it before I start my horse one!

Have been horse riding again since my fall and it seems to be going well, getting my confidence back which is great.

Well must go, but will post again soon!


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