Stash expansion!


Bought these two wonderful kits today, off the Collector Craft Wednesday Wonderland! Well chuffed as I have wanted them for ages! Now I feel I need a stitching plan!

My week is going well. Si is away again, so I am home alone, which is fine, I am getting used to it now!

I am feeling alot better after my fall. Went to physio on Monday and glad to hear that I have not fractured, broken or trapped anything, which is great. I do however have terrible muscle bruising, so have to take it a little easy! My shoulder is alot better, but my neck and back are not as good. Strange as my physio said my shoulder would take the longest to heal!

I did go to gym yesterday, and it was good. I am allowed, to exercise, just have to be gentle. So I will go again on Thursday, I just can’t do any impact or upper body work, which is fine.

Tonight I am hoping to go to Cross Stitch club as I have not been for ages, and I thought it would be nice to get out the house and mingle with some people!

Well will post my stitching plan as soon as I have done it!


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