The day after……………..


Here she is Lullabelle the lovely horse that I nose dived off, 16 hands high! Well I had a terrible nights sleep as I could not turn over and my shoulder, neck and back were very sore. So I am very stiff today, and have decided that I will go to the doctor tomorrow just to get checked over, to make sure that I have done no serious damage! I am sure I haven’t, but best to get it checked. It does mean no gym for me this week probably!

And here is the Kelpie, same height, the first horse I rode at these stables, she is lovely and very gentle, so I am on her next weekend!

The wedding sampler, although I have now done the border upto the hearts and champagne bottle, so it is coming on nicely! Fingers crossed I get it done this week, but if I can’t get to gym in the evenings, I bet it will be! It certainly has grown recently and it will be good to get it done, so I can then finish the coffee saying as well and then I can start my horse kit!!!!!

So what is my week looking like? Well OH goes away again tomorrow till Friday, so I think if I can I will go to X-stitch club on Wednesday night as I have not been for ages! Other than that, it will be rest, relaxation and self pampering for the week!

Come back soon to hopefully see the finished sampler!


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