I fell off!!!


Well I did it grand style today, and fell of my horse! My instructor had only said about 2 weeks ago that I needed to fall off as a adult, but I did not realise so soon! We decided to go out for a hack today and the flies were really annoying the horses plus with all the lush green grass, if my horse was not swishing the flies she was trying to eat the grass!

We got to this really nice section and decided to try a trot and yes my horse decided in mid trot to stop, lower her head and eat some grass! So you can guess what happened next…………..I went straight over her head, bashed my head, twisted my neck and landed on my back! Ouch!

I am proud of myself though because I got straight back on, went into the school did some assertiveness work with her and trotted again, just to regain my confidence. So I will be back next week to ride again!

I have to say my left shoulder, neck and back are really sore tonight, so I will see how I am by Monday, if there is no improvement I will have to go and see my physio to make sure I have not done any damage!

So my day has been spent chilling out and cross stitching and I am glad to say the wedding sampler is coming on really well and at this rate I should be finished by next weekend! Will post a picture tomorrow of it!

The week otherwise has been uneventful. Si is working away in Milton Keynes so he leaves Monday and comes back Friday. I miss him terribly, but I do get to have a very girly time while he is away!

Well I am off for a hot bath and to bed now, to try and ease my aches and pains!

Check back tomorrow for the photo!


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  1. I’m glad nothing was really damaged except maybe your pride, and you did really well to get straight back on the horse. Hope your aches and pains get better really soon.

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