Ipswich Race for Life 2006 today!


Here I am at my Race for Life event. Simon just had to take a picture, thank goodness his battery went flat so he could not take of me at the end, that would not have been a pretty sight!

The race went well, and I finished in 38mins 20sec, so I was well chuffed, as last year I did it 44min 45sec, so obviously my gym sessions are paying off!

It was really hot again this year and once again the water situation was not good. This year there was none given out and instead at the end we had a silly little carton of cranberry juice! I know they say bring your own, but it would be nice to have a bottle of cold water at the end!

Nonetheless is was great morning and I really enjoyed myself!

Although I have to say I have suffered with a migraine for the rest of the day! I have tried stitching twice and so far on both occassions have not got very far, so have given up for tonight.

Well off to eat my Chinese takeaway now!


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