Major hair cut today!


Today I was in Peterborough for work and to see my family. But also to have a hair cut. Crazy as it sounds, I live in Ipswich but get my hair cut in Peterborough! I just love my hairdresser and I won’t change!

Anyway I have had the same hairstyle for about 5 yrs now, it just gets longer, but is always in the same style. Pictures below :

As it has gotten longer it is harder for me to deal with, I can’t tie it up as I get headaches when I do, it is so hot when left down, I have to sleep with it plaited. Anyway today I decided enough was enough and I was going to have it cut off! So I did it, see the pictures below!

From almost to my waist, I cut it! And I love it! Not sure I am going to be able to keep it like this but we shall see! It is such a change. I know I was meant to be growing my hair for my wedding next year as I really wanted a mass of curls but I figured it will either grow back or there are always hair extensions!

So what do you think?

Rest of the day was busy with work, we had a rather large order to get out, so I was helping with that.
I am off to bed now as it has been a long day but I wanted to get my piccies on first!

Bye bye!


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