Another hot day in sunny Ipswich!


Well another scorcher of a day in Ipswich. I honestly thought that when I left Africa I left hot days behind me, but obviously not. Guess the upside is they don’t really last long! The down side, the humidity when they are here is terrible!

So I am struggling with the heat, because of course it flares up my hayfever and so my eyes are swollen and my nose is red, so I look lovely!

Thank goodness I have finally managed to persuade the doctor to give me stronger antihistamines.

Day 4 of World Cup fever and already it is annoying me. My OH is an avid football fan and as much as I don’t mind watching the actual games, I do not need to re-watch all the highlights of them again when there isn’t a game on! So all I can say is roll on the Final! Good excuse to get some stitching done though!

Well I managed to stitch 261 stitches only yesterday, between pottering around the house and reading my book, I never really got too much done! But hey at least I did something!

I am currently reading The Da Vinci Code, on my OH recommendation. At first I found it really hard to get into but now I am loving it, and keep going on the internet to look at the paintings he talks about.

I went to the gym tonight, to do my running program again. Managed to do 3min 30sec walk and 1min 30sec run, so I am happy with myself, although my legs are a bit sore now, and I have a session with my personal trainer tomorrow! I guess resting on Friday and Sunday was good idea, otherwise I would have been a lot worse off tonight!

I am doing Race for Life on Sunday, and as much as I am really looking forward to it, I am really nervous. I have done it 3 times before, so it is nothing new, but I have had really bad back pain this year, and am a little nervous that I aggravate it!

Well I have waffled on enough, so it is off to read my book and watch Big Brother, sad I know!


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