Sat 10th June 2006


Well summer it seems has finally arrived! About 28 degrees today, which made a change.This is my first post on this blog, and I hope I start to post on a regular basis!

I have at present not done any stitching for about 2 weeks, but bug seems to have gone on leave and I am hoping it returns this week!

Currently I am working on :

1.The Watering Hole
2.Wedding Sampler
3.Saying for a friends birthday

Numbers 2 and 3 are needed for August so guess I had better get sorted, as I still need to get them framed in time as well!

Today was my horse riding day. I took it up again about 3 months ago and am loving it. Each week I go out for an hour and it is great, so much so I have decided to do a NVQ level 1 in Horse Care in Sept!

Wedding plans are coming on nicely, we booked our honeymoon this month, and everything else seems to be ticking along nicely. We are now looking at stationery!

Think that is a good quick update. I am going to be posting pictures of my cross stitch in the next few days!


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  1. Just saying hi. (andrea2005 from Aion) Blogs are great aren’t they.
    Your stitching wips look great, I’m looking forward to seeing them progress.
    Good luck with the wedding, Race for Life event and the riding.
    I started riding when I was 3, mmm getting on for 35 years ago! I used to work for 13yrs with racehorses, but it was still more of a pleasure than a job. :)) It’s better than going to the gym!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for the lovely comments. Maybe we can share tips and experiences about our horse riding, but I am just starting again! Do you own your own horse?

    Please check back to see how my WIP’s are going as I will try and update each time I stitch!

    Take care.

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