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Craft-o-Fax update


After my jaunt to London to meet up with my Philofaxy friends, I realised I hadn’t done an update on the Craft-o-Fax, and after taking it with me and receiving the ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhhs’ that I did, I thought I would post some recent pictures of it!

If you remember it is a Domina A5 in Red :-

Remember this beauty?

Well now it looks like this :-

I know it is rather full, but for me it works really well.

I have sections for all the crafts I do and I store the details for all my current projects as well as things I would like to make!

I don’t tend to take it out the house, unless to knit night as my patterns are in there!

So there you have it a Filofax pushed to the max with content!

Day Timer Refills


The one thing I find really hard with Filofax is finding refills that will work for me!

After much research I decided that my refills for 2011 will be the Day Timer Portable.  Yes, contrary to what the man at Day Timer said, they DO fit the Personal sized Filofax!

I ordered the Flavia range which, simply put is just pretty!

As I am currently using a day on 2 page format :-

it does seem to work well, however I can’t carry many months around with me, which really does trouble me!

So now I am going to try for 2011 :-

Week on one page AND

1 page per day!

AND I can’t change diary refills for the entire year, that is my challenge!

So what does the Day Timer refill look like I hear you ask?  Here you go :-

Aren’t the colours lovely!  I just realised I never photographed the actual page to show the layout so will need to be added later!

These are the monthly tabs!

That is the one great thing about these inserts, that Filofax just don’t do, or haven’t cottoned onto!  We want our months tabbed!!  No inserts from Filofax are tabbed per month and you can’t do it yourself and the first and last day of the months are printed back to back so it just doesn’t work!  These I LOVE!

This was my purchase before I unpacked it all, I just love that front cover of the tree!  The pink pad to the left of the picture is a to do list, that does not cover the days date!  What a great idea!

Pretty cool isn’t it!

I will post again in the new year when I have been using them for a while, but in the meantime I think they are lovely!

Philofaxy London Meetup – 20th Nov


Plans for a Filofax meetup must of started in about August / September time if I remember correctly.  When I first heard about it, I jumped at the opportunity to join in something that to me was different!  Sounds strange I know so let me explain!

I often meet friends off the internet that I have been chatting with etc, but never have I meet people off Twitter.  I realised we all had at least one common interest, but I wondered how well we would actually get on!  Would we have other things to talk about, or will the entire day be about Filofax’s?  As much as I love my Filofax, and believe me I do, could I survive a whole day?  Wasn’t gonna know unless I gave it a go, so I did!

Friday 19th I was so excited, I booked my train tickets and spent a good few hours, organising my travel, I am a nightmare unless I have it all planned, and of course sorting out Filofax’s to take with me!  Yes, we were gonna do a show and tell!  So I packed :

Craft-o-fax – A5 Red Domino

Persoanal Domino in Grape

I know this is the Pocket Domino in Lavendar but I wanted to show you the colour, as I took the Mini with me, to show everyone the size!

So those were my 3 for the day!

As it turned out my travel plans were not going to be as smooth as I had hoped, as there was engineering works as well as underground works once in London.  I was getting excited, nervous and just generally anxious!

Saturday 20th arrived, and I was ready, backpack packed, Filofax’s loaded, tube maps marked and highlighted, I was sorted!  I got the 1008hrs train out of Ipswich and arrived in Stratford just after 12pm.  I couldn’t get a train directly into Liverpool Street so I had to catch the underground, which actually turned out ok, as I got on the Central Line and went straight to St Paul’s.  I never realised that Tate Modern was so close to the underground station, so the walk was not as worrying as I thought it was gonna be!

Passing St Paul’s Cathedral there was a lovely wedding car, and a couple having their pictures taken!

Such a lovely car and ribbon had the date on it!

I arrived at Tate Modern at about 1pm, and meet up with Steve and his wife Alison, pretty quickly actually.  I’d say within about half an hour we were a group and ready to sit.

I am not going to go into too much detail about the meal, but if you want to read about, because they were pretty awesome, here are some links to other blogs, from people who attended as well :-

The one thing that really amazed me was just how easily we all got on, and actually how many other interests we had in common!

The Filofax’s made an appearance between main course and dessert and we really had to keep an eye on the clock as we did get a little carried away, but the way others use them is always of such intrigue and interest, and the ideas you come away with is just great!

I am not going to duplicate all the photos, but these really just explains all I want to say!

After much admiration of everyone’s filofax’s we ate dessert, settled the bill and headed off to the Filofax store in Neal Street.

This was the first time I had ever been to a Filofax store and ‘WOW’ it was truly amazing!  The variety, choice, refills, leather, bags, choices was just amazing and I was not sure where to look first!

Isn’t this just heaven?

I wasn’t prepared in terms of a list or anything, I knew I need to get some refills but I had promised myself I would not buy any binders!

Oh the temptation was rife and I did almost buy a Pocket Waverley that was reduced from £160 to £40!  But I left it on the shelf.

I did get some refills though :-

My goodie bag, isn’t it lovely!

So what is inside…………………………………..

Yes there are few refills but they are maps, website address details, pads of paper, addresses and a week on 1 page diary, as well as :-

This was placed in a separate goody bag inside the nice big bag!  Squeal!  A pocket heart filofax!  How I use it shall be revealed in a future post!  Lets just say I have found the perfect use for it and I love the pastel inserts!

We left the shop at about 545pm and I can’t express how much fun I had.  Luckily I managed to get the earlier train and so got home in time to see Luke before he went to bed.

On reflection, would I do it again – definitely!  Do I regret anything from the day – yes, forgetting to sign the visitors book!!  Best thing of the day – meet such lovely people and forging some lovely friendships!

I know this post isn’t in as much detail as the other’s I have posted, but I didn’t want to duplicate everything, but I do hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Perfect Diary?


As you must know by now I am a HUGE Filofax fan!  I use them for everything in my life, to store all types of information.

But when I came across this post :-

I just had to see what all the fuss was about!  Luckily the Quo Vardis site in the UK was selling off some 2010 diaries at a discounted price and so I nabbed one!

Red is not a colour I generally go with, I am more your pink and purples kinda girl, but I thought why not try it!  I have to say, LOVE IT!  Just look at this grain!

I am totally love it and the best bit is that in Nov I just order the refill’s!  Which I certainly will be doing!

Here is what the inside layout is like :

Being a girl that can’t have a half empty diary, I gathered all my diary layouts for 2010 and transferred all the details into the Trinote and then started using it for my daily / weekly things!  I will one of these days take a picture of a working week, so you can see, but it really is working so well for me!  So much so I am toying with the idea of getting the layout for an A5 Filofax, but the only thing that is stopping me is that the size of an A5 to carry around every day is so large, and the Trinote is thin, light and fits perfectly in my bag!  Any bag for that matter!

Would I recommend it?  Certainly!

Will I be ordering my 2011 refill?  Most definetly!

Will it stop me using my Filofax?  Not yet!

Domino Filofax’s


I have become a total worshiper of the Domino Filofax!  The versatility it gives me is just great!

As you would of read before I first had the Personal Domino in Grape as a Christmas present in 2009.  Is lovely and came with the Family pack, which soon got binned, as I just could not get on with it!  That Filofax is now a Recipe-o-Fax and gets used almost daily!

I then got the A5 Domino in Red and that has become my Craft-o-fax, which is working a treat for me as I can has SO much paper in it and it keeps it!!!!

Then I decided I really NEEDED the Pocket Domino in Lavendar, and so one just fell into my basket one day whilst online browsing!

Isn’t it lovely?

Look at the difference in thickness between the Domino and the Urban, I can’t believe it!  My Pocket Domino is packed, and is still looking thinner than the Urban, when that is half full, and it is so much lighter!

So how do I have it set up?  Well at the moment it is :

Diary – Wo2P – French version as it has appointment times!

To do – long term to do’s and blog entries I need to write!  Also has a list of the books I want to read and things I want to do in 1001 days!

Xmas 2010 – details of Xmas, ie, presents I need to get, cards I need to write, food I need to buy!  General plans, ideas, etc!

Wants – list of all the things I want!

Health – Meal Tracker for Slimming World along with all the details to do the Extra Easy plan!  Idea is to start it tomorrow!

Tab 6 – Details of the Post card crossing website I am a member of, and details of all the postcards I have sent, distances, photo numbers and date sent.

The address tabs have all my addresses of friends and family as well as other details I need to keep in alphabetical order.

The plastic wallet at the back is housing my stamps and airmail stickers!

I may have just found the perfect Filofax for me!  But that does not mean I am still not admiring the Malden or Finsbury!

I have always wanted a Mini Filofax to try, and managed to get a Mini Domino!  This will be short!  It is too small, to be of any diary use, and whilst it is lovely, it is now my notebook and nothing more!  But still, I love it!


A4 Filofax!


I suddenly got the urge the week before last that I really could do with an A4 Filofax for work!

As you know my collection includes the Pocket, Personal and A5, various in each size, but I have never ventured larger than A5 as I just thought it was WAY too big!

With work I tend to work off lots of printed off emails, lists etc, from various systems and I need to be able to keep them in order, as well as have a notes, to do and diary!  Filofax really seemed the only option.

I did go to Staples and look at their A4 Conference folders, but good lord they are huge!  I was there comparing the Filofax and Conference folder in Staples and looking at the pros and cons, and Filofax won!

So home I came and Ebay I stalked!  I found  a brand new A4 Graphic Filofax and I won it!  £36 incl postage, not bad I thought!

Here it is :-

Isn’t it lovely?  It is a microfibre cover, which really is quite practical really considering how much it is going to be carried around and left open!  Talk about open, it lies perfectly flat when open, which is great!

There are so many inside credit card holders and there is a pocket on both the front and back covers, as well as space for a notepad on the back.

Considering how much I have in it, it certainly isn’t bulky to carry!

See, not full!

How have I got it set up?  Well here goes :-

Plastic leaflet

Tab 1 – To do lists section

Tab 2 – Week on Two Pages diary for 2010 that came with the filofax

Tab 3 – Notes section

Tab 4 – Aged Debtors Analysis, Product code information, pricing structures etc

Tab 5 – Supplier orders

Tab 6 – People I need to chase

A – Z section has details on all the customers I am currently doing work for.

The one thing I really LOVE about this filofax is I can print out an A4 page, and punch it and bamn it fits, right way, no adjustments needed, and I can now store all the papers I work on!

So would I recommend it, yes as a work fax, but I certainly wouldn’t be carrying it around with me every day!

Love it!

p.s. Sorry Steve, I forgot to say, No other Filofax papers fit the A4, without having to repunch all the holes!

Filofax inserts


How many inserts can a Filofax user have?  Answer, never enough!

I have bought some more inserts for my Pocket Urban, only because Filofax France had the layout I have been searching for!

Week on 2 pages with appt times, awesome!  I do wish Filofax UK would follow suit and produce this layout!

I hate writing in black boxes and so find the UK layout awful to use, which is possibly why I never used the Pocket  filofax before.  Not only that I don’t like page a day for pocket either as it leaves no space to hold any other pages!

So this is what I have gone for :-

This is just so perfect on so many levels and the lack of English on it, does not trouble me at all!

I may just have found my perfect refill!

Left handed Filofax!


I was recently ‘Reader under the Spotlight’ over on the Philofaxy website.  Here is the link to the post if you want to take a read!

One of the things I said was that I would like a Left Handed Filofax!  At the time I thought great idea, but now I need to back this in my head idea,up with actual on the paper (or blog) ideas and put it out there!  So here goes!

This is based on the A5 Domino as this one I am currently using on a regular basis for my crafts and the one I think it works best with, as it has a notepad in the back inside cover.

Some people have said if you wanted to use this Filofax left handed just turn it upside down and you can!  Totally agree, however if are even mildly OCD this could end up annoying the pants off of you, I know it would me, and here is why :-

This is the current inside back over, and if I turned it upside down, which it can be down as you can slightly see the slit at the bottom of the pad to do this.  However I then found if I did this that the pen loops would then need to be raised as they are now in the way when I write!  Oh and one other thing, on the back cover at the bottom is ‘FILOFAX’ embossed if I turned my Filofax upside down this of course would also be upside down and I just could not cope with that!

All the inserts work fine and I could just turn them around!  But then we get to the front cover!  Different story!

Normal way up!

Turned upside down!  Spot the obvious issue?  All the card slots need to be turned upwards! And the Filofax details in the front all need to be turned as well!

In short, yes an A5 Domino can be used as a Left Handed Filofax if you can live with the things I have pointed out here!  I can’t!  It would do my head in if everything was upside down etc!

However, this I have realised really only applies to Filofax’s that have the back notepad in them!  Why would I want to turn my Personal Domino into a left handed Filofax?  Well I wouldn’t as there is no gain, because there is no back note pad!

However my Pocket Urban, has a back notepad and that would be a consideration!

I hope I have made myself clear, as some ideas are sometimes best left (pardon the pun) in the head in which they arose, and never coming out, and maybe this was one of them! LOL!

Oh one last thing.  This may also apply to right handed people, I find with the current setup of the Filofax when making notes, etc I tend to always write on the left page (which is rather lumpy due to card slots!), so my notes section for instance looks empty, but really it isn’t it is because I have started at the back and working forwards, as easier to write and if the notepad were in the front, would be more comfortable as well!  I think that may be where the Left handed Filofax idea originally came from!

What are your thoughts?

p.s. I am not a Leftie who wants the world to change!  I have progressed through life fine with my right handed ruler, right handed scissors and of course the dreaded right handed tin opener, that I am sure would of been just as easy to open the tins with a hammer and chisel!  I have however resorted to a LEFT handed chequebook, of course now that cheques are no longer accepted! LOL!

Filofax collection!


In all the excitement to update my blog this morning, I forgot possibly THE most important post!

Before I get into it, but must just say ‘I do actually use them all!’  At some stage in my life anyway!

A picture of my Filofax collection!  I am mad to do this as Hubby reads my blog, but here goes!

Ok, so what do we have : -

A5 Red Domino – this is my Craft-o-fax

A5 Black Metropol – stores empty pages and important papers I need to hand!

Personal Kensington – my first Filofax bought for me by my Dad, will NEVER part with it!

Personal Slimline Guildford – stores empty pages

Personal Grape Domino – Daily desk diary for personal and work

Pocket Black Hamilton – stores empty pages

Pocket Black Chino – gets admired!

Pocket Fawn Chino – AVON-o-fax

Pocket Slate Urban – Daily carry round diary / purse

See they all do have a use!

I have been toying with getting a Mini but have now decided against it!

For the moment! LOL!



My previous post was all about the Pocket Chino that I won off Ebay, for the bargain price of £8, so this post is what am I using it for!

Well back in April I decided to start selling AVON, why, I am not sure, but I did, and so far I am enjoying it, although it can be a little tiring some times!

I have been trying many electronic methods of storing data and whilst they all work fine, I can’t carry them round with me when delivering, incase a customer asks me anything!

After pondering, the whole of 2 secs, I realised I needed a Filofax system, that I could tailor to my needs!

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I am using my Fawn Chino Pocket as my AVON-o-fax!

I had to buy some inserts, naturally :-

The setup (which will no doubt change as it evolves!) is :-

Tabs 1 – 6

Tab 1 – Month of two pages diary, to record order and delivery dates!

Tab 2 – Street details of the houses I have delivered to, if they returned their book, placed an order, etc

Tab 3 – Week on two pages diary, to record when I need to deliver orders, place orders, etc (no personal entries are in here, they are in my Daily Urban Pocket!)

Tab 4 – Delivery details of what campaign brochure I delivered, date out, date to be collected, house number I delivered to, if they returned, order, no order and notes!

Tab 5 – Lined paper for notes

Tab 6 – Calculator and finance sheets to record happenings in my Avon bank account!

Address Tabs as I eventually want to have each persons previous order details in this section along with all their contact details

Plastic top opening wallet, just to protect back pages!

I will also be using this when I deliver my orders as a wallet!

So far it seems to be working ok.  I must give a huge THANK YOU to Steve over at for help with the Word and Excel templates!

I shall update when I run with it for a few campaigns on how it is working for me!